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heyy(: welcome to my pro!

so im new to [witty]... well kinda. So i dont have that m|a|n|y quotes... or good ones a least. but hopefully youll like em(:

The names katie. I am in love with sports ((volleyball&&soccer))
my friends my boyfriend(: and christ.
God died for me so i live for him.

I kinda know what jocking is but like not enough to
know if someone has jocked any of mine hehe

So that pretty much sums it up! 
Im a pretty s.i.m.p.l.e girl(:

p.s. following is cool so do it(: ((if you want to))

Quotes by katizzle

one word
two vowels
two constanents
one syllyble
one meaning
*all very confusing*
Im falling so f|a|s|t for you.
Every time I look in your e.y.e.s
I see what ((youandme)) could be.
what ((meandyou)) should be.
I hope its what we are going to be.
I think Im falling in love with you.

saw this on witty... idk who from
It takes skill to
trip on air(;

haha thought it was funny... just saw from someone on witty

.:you never really regret:.
the stupid things you've done
you regret the things
you didn't do while you had
.:the chance:.

again saw on witty... somewhere
its much [[easier]] to turn f.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p into love
than to turn
love into friendshi

saw from someone on witty...
I think I am falling in love.
with you.

first saw from fablove123

duct tape
is like the f|o|r|c|e;;
it has a light side - a dark side,
&+ keeps the world
is not responsible
for people