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This time won't you save me,Baby I can feel myself givin up. /:
stay strong when life seem's to be going wrong! :)
loved isn’t a word. there is no past tense to love. if you love someone, you will always love them. NO MATTER WHAT.♥.
~*Jason Derulo*~

*Oh can you tell, I haven't slept very well

Since the last time that we spoke, I said

"Please understand I've been drinking again, and all I do is

hope" ♥*

R.I.P Grandma James )': </3

i love you && miss you tons ♥

you will always be in my heart,never forgotten.

What is wrong with boys?! 
we are not glass that they could pick up,and slam without us breaking into pieces.</3



Have you ever been in love with a guy before ,and all you want is him to be with you and he end's up being with someone other then you?! yeah i have. well you know,over time i started to learn that ,you should be happy for that person that you love and the person that there with,if it make's him happy,no matter how much hurts not to be with him!(: ♥.
you all don't like me because the way i look. but really that should not matter to you! if you really got to know who i am from deep inside from my heart,you would love me. i honestly can say i am loving,caring,friendly,random,weird,funny, and just all around Epic. so,you should not judge me or anyone,because of what they look like. all that should matter is who they truly are deep inside there heart.!(:  
I'm beautiful in my way
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way!

-Lady Gaga
Meeting you was fate,Be coming ur friend was a choice, but falling in love with u was beyond my control