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Quotes by kay5999

I thought you guys were my friends....
I guess I'm wrong
Why can't I be strong like her? The smallest things brake me.
But not her.
Why can't I just be her?
In 5 days if the world was actually going to end what would your last words to me be?
I don't even have words to describe how that made me feel. I'm speachless. you said that you should be worthless to me? Do you want to be? That's what its sounding like... :'( but I can't just let you go. I love you too much. I wish I could see your beautiful face every day and convince you that you're amazing!!!!! but I can't! :'( its all my fault. I'm sorry :'(
I need to work on focusing on the ups instead of the downs.
The positives instead of the negatives.
The goods instead of the bads.
I knew I should have stayed upstairs/: now I'm eating a yogurt :'(
I'm afraid to leave my room because I know I will search for food/:
Lol I need to work on my patience
You are perfectly perfect in every single way
About to go in for my 2nd MRI. Hopefully this time i dont have a panick attack:3
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