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Quotes by kaybear

i said goodbyeto him today

My friend asked
What's Witty btw?
I said Wittyprofiles.com,
just go to it
And click top.

They'll be forever stuck:)

You know it's almost summer
when Spring is ending.

Me: hey you wanna peice of gum? :)
 Tony: you gonna bring it to me?
Me: nahhh, im gonna teleport it:)
Tony: bring Kiley too:)
Me: hahaha aww:) id love to, but everybody who's seen Chalie and the Chocolate Factory
knows that doesn't work:) 

& so i texted
my friend that was 20 miles away  saying
Hey you wanna peice of gum?
haha i.d.k why i thought
that was so funny:)


&When I get a text messsage
I think, wow someone
wants to talk to

Think it's kinda screwed up that there are magazines that tell girls 
how to make guys "fall in love" with them? 
Don't seduce him into falling in love with someone that 
isn't even you.



He opens my door for me
not just for show

He hates when I compliment him on how sweet he is
because he thinks every guy should be like that

He NEVER tries anything
not even a kiss if he feels you don't want to

Yes, He is real. 
 He's not gay, 
And He likes me :)   

Wait for the guy who will treat you right.

Youtube search Breakup Songs. F*** It by Eamon. Not believing this is really happening. Thinking back to what you did wrong and hoping you could change it. Thinking back to how it used to be. And wishing to God he would love you like that again. Thinking of what he did and thinking why do I love him? And then remembering all those conversations. All the touches. All the looks he gave you, laughs he made you, All the things he said that made him the person you loved, and you remember. You don't miss him. You miss the person he used to be. All the promises you used to make to each other. Saying you would never be like those people who were once close but now don't even look at each other. And even though he broke his promise and moved on, you don't want to because you feel guilty if you broke yours. Well, let me tell you something, It's not your fault at all!! Forget how he used to be because he's changed now. You didn't do anything to make him fall out of love with you, It just didn't work out. It hurts like HELL now. He was your life. Believe it or not? It's gonna hurt a little less everyday. Yeah, it will take a long time. But you will get stronger each day. Isn't it obvious? I'v been through this. Not long ago either. Yes, I still love him, I still cringe and get butterflies everytime I see his name in my phone. But I am strong enough to write this right? You *will* get through this. You're Beautiful :)
My 13yrLittle


best friend was talking to me about how the boy she loved dumped her for "some fat cow".
she asked me if that was ever done to me.

I said no worse,
she was pretty, popular, dark

brown silky hair, *blue* eyes, skinny..

but i guess the best thing was she was

a hoe, i was his best friend,

i had his heart for two years, she had his

dick for three weeks,

he screwed up, tried to act like it was no

big deal and he regrets it,

even though he still acts like nothing

happened, he misses me..

and I think about him everyday

The next day, my sister

tells me her best friend

acted as if nothing

happened even though

she was just dumped.

Apparently when she

questioned her, she said

"We didn't really love each

other. I found out there're 

worse things. He dumped

me for her, but at least she

isn't gorgeous, and at least

i won't think about him

everyday, at least he

didn't break my heart.♥