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Quotes by kaybear

Sure Vending Machine,
just slam my cookies down
why don't ya, thanks.

shaved legs
painted nails
eating candy
getting tan
meeting boys
taking pictures
sunglasses and kissy faces

 uhh huhh :)e


okay so guys i wanna look pretty tomorrow,
wanna join me? think itd be pretty cool if i got the whole witty to do somethin with me even though it can be stupid:)

Sure Vending Machine,
just slam my cookies down.

Wonder if anyone notices
the girl who looks to his lunch table constantly to see if he notices her living without him.

So,when she's crying,
b e c a u s e  s h e  t h i n k s  s h e  w i l l  n e v e r  b e  l o v e d,
he's out there wishing she knew
that she's all he thinks about...

That awkward moment

when you

have to

ask the stranger

in the next stall

for toilet paper...


 he wasn't just a boyfriend,
he wasn't just a break up,
he wasn't just a highschool crush,




&We all Remember

Medicine, that we always used to
avoid taking when we were little kids

not my format click
not my format.


Wonder if there
were any 
in the
cavemen days..

would love to see that.


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