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Quotes by kaybear

-sees him-

"sh●t, you said i was over him.
why would you lie to me?"


"because you gotta believe you
can get over him before you
actually do."


&& we all wanna have that relationship where they've been together for what seems like forever

///////////////// Is like a Super Hero power we all want. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


--get dressed r eally cute in the morning--

he sees you

 can tell he likes what he sees



When I lay in bed at night...

I think about
how we used to be,
I think about how happy he used to make me,
I think about how i thought he would never hurt me,
I think about why he chose her over me,
I think about what i should wear tomorrow to make him jealous,
I think about if he still loves me or if he ever loved me at all,
I think about, I think about,
I think about HIM 


So how many
couples started this

Valentine's Day?

S P E N C E .<3

have you noticed?
all the "Happy Valentine's" you see on

 are posted by
people with

significant others.


you ever

find a quote
you wanna
fave 10x

over again?

It's funny how«

one person starts talking
in a -quiet- classroom
&& avrbody suddenly thinks,,

»"Oh, we can talk now."


Getting dressed in the morning
and thinking

"What will He think
of this?"


S P E N C E .<3
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