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kaybear's Favorite Quotes

                                                                 My Evil Plan...
             I have a cat named Mewsif, she is super soft and soo fat with huge eyes and a tiny skull. The issue is she hates human kind. So, tomorrow while she is sleeping, I am going to sneak up on her and give her a hug.
                                                    Whish me luck!!!!

Telling someone with depression to
"get over it and be happy"

is like telling someone with a broken leg to run to a hospital.
Telling someone with an eating disorder to
"just eat"

is like telling someone with claustrophobia to get in a small cupboard and lock the door.
Telling someone who self-harms to
"just stop doing it"

is like telling a drug addict to sit in a room full of drugs and touch nothing.

How can you judge what you don't understand?

Not mine


She pushed away all the people
             that cared because she was so caught up in the one who didn't.
This quote does not exist.

                                                            A p r e t t y  f a c e                 

              doesn't always
                »MEAN       »A PRETTY 




shouldn't be measured by the size of your jeans                                             

When you accidentally hurt

your pet and you're like,

i'm so sorry!"

and they walk away so you run after them like



coming back after a long trip and being like,

"OMG! i missed you so much, floor!"

CuryHairProblems #9

When people say that they love your hair and your just like 0_o "are you on something?"

Should i make a series? 

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