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My name is Kaylie, ..dance is MY sport and i can't live without it. There's so much about me that no one knows; i hide inside what makes me upset. I'm afraid of getting hurt, so my trust issues are very big. i make many mistakes. i love photography and sports. & i believe everything happens for a reason. My quotes are usually about my life, and if you can relate, don't be afraid to hit the ♥* peace.


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Quotes by kayheizy23

Well, I still love you. &

every single day I

think about you. Not a

day goes by where I

don't regret losing

you. & those other

people, I only had to

try and replace you.



wanna know a secret I'm too scared to tell?
 I'm still in love
with you.
He was my best friend, my

homie, my one and.....only

I Promise,
You'll NEVER find another girl like me.
I gave you everything.


i'm so in love  
{you're so far away}

go Bruin


I was born from a boom box;
my heart is a dancer.


Shoot for the moon
because unlike stars,
the moon never dies.



maybe you shou ld eat make-upe so you can be pretty on the inside too.