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Hey the names Kayla, well McKayla but I prefer Kayla,
Music is my life,
Like not even kidding.
Some of my favorites are,
Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Stephan Jerzak, Emblem3, Lyric 145,
and last but deff. not least, 
One Direction(:
Haha. But I don't care if you don't like One Direction,
I mean I'm not going to kill you for not liking them.
if you need anything, 
just ask..
I'm s few clicks away(:
Currently in a relationship(:

Quotes by kayla2610

And in this moment...

...We are infinite
Waking up with a text saying,

"Good morning Kayla♥" 

Are you happy now that I'm breaking?
It worked.
Your words finally hurt me.
My own mother doesn't want me.
Now I see why you don't
Addicted to the feeling of letting go..
I like the way guys get before dating someone,
how they actually try.
I hate when after they have you,
they don't think they have to try anymore.
I think I'm done dating people to soon.
I would like to say,

I have had this witty for over a year now,

and witty has truely changed my life.

Thank you♥
Friday's one month.

I know,

I can't believe it either.

I can't believe,

I cam
e home to find my car key'd
You're giving me a reason.