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Quotes by kaylababy013

for every new relationship
there's someone sitting at home crying their eyes out
there's  someone  regretting   not   taking   a   chance
there's   someone   l   jealous  of   their   replacement
+&                                        then there's the lucky ones,
the ones who will stay up all night talking                <3
 I wasnt kissing him !
     i  was  just  whispering  in  his  mouth (; 
goals this summer:
-                            get a tan
-                       get a guy( ;
-                go to the beach
-      take loads of pictures
- top phineas and ferb
it was just them                              xx
boy     and     girl 
l a y i n g  i n   t h e   c o o l  g r a s s ,
just behind their old elementary school.
counting  stars  and  whispering  sweet
        i love you's            "
they've    been    there     for      hours.
both    phones   off    ;    friends    arn't
xx                                important now
this is what she   has been waiting for;
------------>     for the past 4 months she
hoped       and      dreamed
for a night as perfect as this one       ...
(_.·´¯`·»              she thought to herself
"nothing could make this night more perfect.. "
+& thats when he leaned in and kissed her.
------------>>               g i r l s
we’re undeniable             xx
F i n e,  f r e s h,  f i e r c e,
>>    we got it on lock    <<

east   coast   represen,
xx      now put your hands up
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

bahaha, remix<3
California Gurls- Katy Perry