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I should be a JV volleyball player.
I should be an honor student.
I should be the friend everyone loves.
I should be a loving daughter.

I should be p e r f e c t

But I'm never good enough for anyone.


I miss what we used to be.
Maybe it was just a dream?
I just want to forget him.


Every girl should have a perfect kiss

that would make the movies jealous ♥
not my format(:

Him: I need to tell you something.
Me: okay...what's the matter?

Him: Nothin. just know that you're beautiful no matter what anybody says.

This is the sweetest thing he's ever said to me(: there are guys out there who do care about you, and don't ever forget that.



"love  you"

I love the goodmorning texts. I love your laugh. I love how you can make me laugh so easily. I love how I never have to worry about anything when I'm around you. I love how you break my walls down easily. I love when we kiss.I love when you sing randomly just to get me to laugh. I love how you pick the perfect songs for the perfect moment. I love how you're not afraid to be yourself. I love how you get protective over me. I love how you can make me forget about my insecurities. I love how you told me that no guy is worth crying over. I love how you think you aren't worth crying over. I love how we love the same music. I love how you're not afraid to sing in front of everybody. I love how you can sing badly in front of everyonee and not care. I love how every song reminds me of you. I love how i get to see you every morning. I love how you don't care if I take too long putting on make-up. I love how you don't care if I'm even wearing make-up. I love how you can see me in pj's, no make-up on, hair in a mess, no contacts in, and still think I'm pretty. I love how I don't have to worry about looking good in front of you. I love how you make me laugh. love how you are the reason I laugh. I love how you show off when I'm around. I love how you make me feel safe. I love how I could just sleep in your arms. I love how I only want you, no one else. I love how I'm never going to stop loving you. I love how you're my everything.
Last Friday Night: Hunger Game's Style

: On my last night

Peeta: Yeah I hit him with a spear,
Katniss: Peeta, stop that.
Peeta: You got the food to disappear.
Peeta: I hope they all cower in fear.
Katniss: Stop...
Peeta: On my last night
Peeta: Accidentally killed Foxface.
Peeta: Thresh gave you a major break
Peeta: I hope that Cato meets his fate
Peeta: On my last night...
Peeta: District 12 wins again!


nmf, my quote don't steal(: 

Hearing his voice makes me want to scream

I know he'll never love me,
and someday I won't hear his voice anymore

I don't know how I'll make
it through without him


He's my best friend,

my one true love,

and the only person who can keep me alive

(I'm screwed if I lose him)

I'm not gonna stress over you anymore, it isn't worth it. I tried to work something out, but you ignored it. I'm not tryna say I dont want you , cause I definitely do. All I'm saying is that I'm done chasing after you.