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Live as if you'll die today;; dream as if you'll live forever.♥
About Me. (:
Kayla Sue Pentecost.
Crocker High.
Shaunda, Alyssa&&Haley<--Bestfriends
17 years&&counting.
Blonde hair; green eyes.
Anything I forgot?

Kayla Sue Pentecost(:

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Here's to the girls that:
Loved Josh Hutcherson BEFORE he was Peeta

So apparently, on Justin Bieber's new album, there's going to be a song about the girl who claimed to have his baby.
"It's not my baby, baby, baby, ooh!"

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Big Bang Theory Quote #3

Sheldon: *drops really heavy box down the stairs*
Sheldon: Oh Gravity, thou art a heartless b/tch.

should i do a series??

If d1cks had wings...
your mouth would be an airport .

Dear MTV,

I'm a teen virgin, where's my show?

People: YOLO
Cats: Sucks to be you!


16% use the dish with the breadsticks
23% put it on toast or bread
61% just stick their finger in the jar
Who out there is that 61%?
I know I am ;)

I would never cheat in a relationship
because that would require two people to find me attractive.

This quote does not exist.