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You were born to be REAL! not perfect..
No matter what happens, I'll make it.
If I'm not happy. I'll Fake it.
God wont put you through something you cant handle.
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Hello stranger! My name is Kaylee.I am a Freshie xD. I am currently 14 years younge. I blow out the candles on December 10th. I love all different kinds of music. I am so thankful for all my friends and my family. 
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Well I do track. I run 100, 200, and 4x1. I love my friends, Gabriella, Shelby, Maddie, Morgan, Emilee, and Sam. Favorite color Pink xP and now I am just babling. la la la have a great day.

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One good thing about music is that once it hits you feel no pain.
I love all music <3 Artists: Eminem, Sleeping With Sirens, Jason Aldean, Skrillex, Lumineers. The best: JAKE MILLER!
Favorite Songs currently: If you can't hang, Like me, First of the year.

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I really don't see the reason 
of trying
 or for talking..
...or for breathing....
I'm just done.


I may be sad, but I'm not weak



It's hard to stay the same in a world thats always changing.

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 one good thing about music


is that once it hits, you feel no pain

Text here text here text here



I cant think of any song and I need some badly :/

I like all kinds of music :3

Please comment some songs. Thank you :D
It is sad that everyone eventually becomes a

When  angeturns into tears
I am going to rewrite history!

Me and my mom while watching Teen Wolf and Stiles dad allows Lydia to be in his room

Mom: What the heck?!?! who lets a girl go into their sons room!
Me: It's not even that bad if you trust your child. 
Mom: No just no.
Me: Would I be allowed?
Mom: No your not even allowed to have a boy over.
Me: WHAT?! so you want me to be forever alone?
Mom: Pretty much but your already doing a good job at that.
Me:  -.-

true story

I have to stop saying
"How stupid can you be?"
I think people are starting to take it as a challenge.