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For one last time
I'll waste my words on you.
For one last time
I'll write a rhyme about you.
These words aren't something you should be proud of
But then again you always had it backwards
You smashed my iron heart with false love
Be careful not to step on the shards.
I won't waste my tears on you
'Cause you're just a jerk who wants to see me cry.
I won't let you jerk me around once more
So even though it isn't a good night, this is goodbye.
You can say whatever you want behind my back
But remember who you're talking to.
You can love me with the tenderness you lack
But just know that before it started it was through.
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I don't really use this account anymore. If you miss me..... :') ..... The new one is UnknownPoet

I'm trying so hard
to cover it up
I'm doing my best
but It's not enough
to wipe out the memories
to wipe out the pain
it comes back to haunt me
again and again
I wanted you bad
and I still do
I couldn't stop myself
from falling for you
But you fell for her
do what you must
but you will no longer
see me around.
It's my own fault
I'd like to say
but to be honest,
It's you to blame.
You don't want me
but I still want you
I want so bad
to feel your lips pressed on mine
but I can't face the truth
I'm trying so hard
to cover it up
I'm doing my best
But it will never be enough.

When my eyes are closed I feel no pain, when my eyes are closed I feel no shame, when my eyes are closed theres nothing to say. When my eyes are closed I feel alright, when my eyes are closed theres nothing left to hide. When my eyes are closed I'm dreaming of a better day, when my eyes are closed all of the bitterness goes away. When my eyes are closed my mind can wonder to a far away place.

I can stop time, when I close my eyes...

I would really like to know.. Where the first witty girls are in life now??     Witty has been around since 2004 and ages are around 12-17 y/o ... So their probably around like 20-26 y/o now? I think It'd be awesome if they were to come back on and read their old quotes.. and give advice to us now? Tell us how things are now. I donno. Maybe some are still on here. :l  
Random thought..:)
Once upon a time I was happy,
Living free of pain.
Then I became a teenager
and blood started to rain.

Theres so much I wish I could say,
Like how truly sorry I am
and that I know I made a mistake.
When I'm near you my body tingles,
my cheeks turn red.
I know I don't have to tell you
because you can probably already see,
But I'm still strung up on you. 
& your far over me.

his eyes put the stars to shame  *

I've fallen in too deep

I know It's wrong but I can't control it

My feelings grew too strong

Now It's getting hard to bare.

I know you love her

and she loves you back.

Maybe thats the main reason I feel so terrible.

As much as I like you

As much as I enjoy talking to you

As much as you make me smile

and laugh.

We're never going to be together.

That's just something I'm going to have to accept.

Is the past always going to follow

she leaves her footprints in the sand

she walks along the shore line

his letter in her hand

the waves brush off the rocks

her blonde hair is shining

her dress flows with the wind

beauty desguised with beauty

gorgeous eyes of deep blue

as she sits at the top a cliff

her feet hanging off the edge

she longs for his embrace

wipes her tears off from her face.

she misses his embrace.