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Heey, im Kayleigh ! im 13 years youngg ;)  hmu. xoxoxo *
Hello0o0o sexxyyyy;D
Heehee, hi ! I'm Kayleigh ! My friends call me Kay so i guess you can too !
Im 13 years old and i blow candles out on July 6th ;D
Im a Jersey girl and i love going to the beach and tanning all day !
If it wasent for my friends and family , i would be nothing.  I love them all sooso much<3
 Well, i guess i should mention one thing. Almost all my quotes are all about love <3
if you dont like them, you suck.
  im awesome with boy advice , i just cant solve my own. So if anyone needs advice or doesnt mine giving me some, leave me a comment (;
Im absoulutly in love with Justin Bieber, One direction,Big time rush, and Drake <3
Okay, Follow me and ill follow you back ! and leave a comment while on my page, id love someone to talk to !
Bye babbygirllz <33
               In love <333333

Quotes by kayleighxo6

Dear thighs,

Please help out the less fortunate.



When i'm single,
All I see are happy couples.
 When i'm in a relationship,

All i see are happy singles.

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Fav this and ill write something on your profile (;
I wanna move to Antartica
Where theres no boys, drama or heart breaks

... just penguins <3
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And its hard to look right, at you baby

But heres my number.

So call me maybe (;


Hey, I know this video is almost 30 minutes long but trust me, its worth every minute of it. Please watch and help stop Kony. Spread the word.  #kony2012
Thank you <3

School: 4+4=8

Homework: 2+4+2=8

Exam: Isqual has 7

apples and his train

is 7 minutes early. 

Caculate the mass

of the sun .

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If i woke up next to Channing


and he told me we were married,

I wouldnt question it (;


Guy i like:
10:58-ig2t, bye.

Guy i dont like:

11:03-Goodnight beautiful, Sweet

dreams, Sleep tight.<3333