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Heey, im Kayleigh ! im 13 years youngg ;)  hmu. xoxoxo *
Hello0o0o sexxyyyy;D
Heehee, hi ! I'm Kayleigh ! My friends call me Kay so i guess you can too !
Im 13 years old and i blow candles out on July 6th ;D
Im a Jersey girl and i love going to the beach and tanning all day !
If it wasent for my friends and family , i would be nothing.  I love them all sooso much<3
 Well, i guess i should mention one thing. Almost all my quotes are all about love <3
if you dont like them, you suck.
  im awesome with boy advice , i just cant solve my own. So if anyone needs advice or doesnt mine giving me some, leave me a comment (;
Im absoulutly in love with Justin Bieber, One direction,Big time rush, and Drake <3
Okay, Follow me and ill follow you back ! and leave a comment while on my page, id love someone to talk to !
Bye babbygirllz <33
               In love <333333

Quotes by kayleighxo6

She can look beautiful in whatever she wears
She can make the whole room laugh
She can be there every time you need her
and she can give you the best advice
She can make your heart skip a beat when
you see her
She can be the best athlete
She can have the best hair and best smile
She can brighten up your day
and she can always make you smile

But i can promise you one thing,

She will never love you
As much as i do.

I want to write "i miss you"
on a rock and peg it at

Your facce ...So, you


how bad it hurts to

miss you.

Of course.

I have plans for every day of the whole year,

Besides newyears eve.


"Ahhhh, going to party all night. Gonna get so0o0oo messed uppppppppppppppp !"

No, Shutup. Your not going to get "messed up" ;

You're like 9 

& I wonder if

He has any idea how much he put me threw.

 There's plenty of fish in the sea,
dont be trippin'  over   a  
g u p p y


My New Year resolution ?
Make him regret loosing me.♥

I need someone new to talk to ...
Someone comment on my profile (:





Wait , a minute

Before you tell me anything, how was your day?

Cause ive been


You by my side *
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