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Heey, im Kayleigh ! im 13 years youngg ;)  hmu. xoxoxo *
Hello0o0o sexxyyyy;D
Heehee, hi ! I'm Kayleigh ! My friends call me Kay so i guess you can too !
Im 13 years old and i blow candles out on July 6th ;D
Im a Jersey girl and i love going to the beach and tanning all day !
If it wasent for my friends and family , i would be nothing.  I love them all sooso much<3
 Well, i guess i should mention one thing. Almost all my quotes are all about love <3
if you dont like them, you suck.
  im awesome with boy advice , i just cant solve my own. So if anyone needs advice or doesnt mine giving me some, leave me a comment (;
Im absoulutly in love with Justin Bieber, One direction,Big time rush, and Drake <3
Okay, Follow me and ill follow you back ! and leave a comment while on my page, id love someone to talk to !
Bye babbygirllz <33
               In love <333333

Quotes by kayleighxo6

You only live once
Thats the motto


You dont know this yet
but we're going to be highschool sweethearts.

We are going to be "that couple". The couple everyone wants to be like. The ones that walk to class together while locking out hands together. We are going to go to prom together and take thousands of pictures, even if we dont like it. After highschool, we'll go off to collage together. We are going to study the same thing and work at the same place. When we're 25, we're going to get married. Its not going to be a huge wedding, or a really small one. Its going to be perfect. As years pass, we are going to have 3 kids, 1 boy , 2 girls. Later one in life, we will be grandparents. We'll have family dinner at least once a month, so we can all stay together. We'll grow old together and look back on our perfect life 

And I just want you here

holding on to me so tight
What more can i do?
Baby , all i want for christmas is
Y   o   u

I honestly cant date a boy who has

Skinny jeans that are tighter then

M i n e

Girls will seriously do anything these days 

just to get attention from guys.

I wasted all my

11:11 s, birthday candles wishes, &shooting stars
For a kid who no longer gives a f u ck about me .
Cross Out What You've Done.

Had a boyfriend/Girlfriend.
Been kissed.
Been dumped.

Fallen in love.
Been called ugly, fat, sl*t, etc.
Jumped off a bridge.
Rode a roller coaster.

Eaten an exotic food.
Snuck out of your house.
Drank alcohol

Gotten so drunk you passed out.
Cut yourself on accident

Cut yourself on purpose.
Laughed so hard you peed your pants.
Starved your for a day or 2
Called yourself ugly.
Met your idol.
Watched 'The Exorcist' and didn't have a nightmare.
Eaten a bug
Read a book over a thousand pages.

Kissed somebody in the rain.
Been jealous of somebody else's relationship.
Climbed a tree.
Smoked a cigarette.

Smoked weed/pot.
Gone skinnydipping
Been backstabbed by somebody you once called your best friend.
Beaten somebody up.
Egged somebody's house.
Ding dong ditched.

Had a crush on your guy/girl best friend.
Been told by your parents they hate you

Been to another country.
Answered all these questions honestly
Format by XxprettxX

I'm I the only one
Who goes to google translate
When im bored
and type in random things

 to see what it sounds like in different languages? (:
                        ♥ Remova   l of this credit is punishable by death.

Remember When...

You called me baby? When we would stay on the phone until 2 a.m talking about pointless things? When you would come up to me in the hallways and suprise me with your amazing hugs? When you said that you liked me? When we flirted nonstop? When we would text allday, and allnight and not get sick of eachother? When we would talk about how much we wanted to kiss eachother? When we would talk about going out? When you called me beautiful? When you would send me those "Goodmorning sunshine" and those "Goodnight beautiful" texts? When it was me you loved, and not her?

Yeah, i miss that ....a lot more then you



Of course, right when things are starting to get normal

»»me and him««
My phone breaks.


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