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Kaylie atkinson

is the name!(:

�I'm 16 years oldd GUYSS! yeah but im a really funny person and im easy to get allong with, so talkkk to me (:�


Quotes by kaylienicole4

Caleb Darius Brenneman' <3


&When i speak w my eyes;
I tell more than one story'<3

Kayliee;OMG. I need help? What do you do when he says he loves you, he tells you he misses you, Holds you like your his entire world, Kisses you like it's just you & him against the whole world, calls you baby, Tells you good night everynight and goodmorning every morning but then he tells you he doesnt know if he wants to be in a relationship, that hes still commited but he wont take you back? He lead me on to thinking we were back together.:'(
Best guy friend: If he doesnt show he cares, hes not worth it. He's leading you on just to tear you apart in the end and your allowing him to do that to you. You always tell me you dont see yourself ever walking away from Saige, but kaylie..sometimes, not everything goes as planned and noo matter how many times he says hes going to change, it will just get worse? You are letting him believe it's okay to walk all over you.. Your soo much better then that! your beautiful and deserve better..DITCH HIM.

Watching Dora:

Dora: What was your favorite part?
Me:I liked the part where we..
Dora: I liked that part too! MY fa.....
Me: B*tch!I wasn't even doneee telling you?!


hannahlovesxox fade
When I turn 18yrs old I want this tattoo;

Perfect girls aint neva real, real girls aint neva perfect -Drakee-

Witty has changed sine the last time i was on here, 2 days ago! I like this noo color thing, because now we can all get the same amount of favs <3

I will like your best quote and follow back <3

It's fine! I'm used to being replaced. <3

Here's a qustion,babe!
If i walk out of this room right now and never come back,
& just
forget everything
and leave it all behind,
would you be oookay w that?
Because i have about 5 steps until i close this door,
& you got .5 seconds to make up your mind..STARTING NOW.