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Kaylie atkinson

is the name!(:

�I'm 16 years oldd GUYSS! yeah but im a really funny person and im easy to get allong with, so talkkk to me (:�


Quotes by kaylienicole4

Tynesha Keli 'I wish you loved me.'
Something, Something Is Simple As Me Hearing Your Name Puts Me, Puts Me In A Place That I Can't Even Explain I Really Didn't Know Back Then But Right Now Im Totally Sure Baby I Know Im Your Friend But I Wanna Be Much More.

I See, I See You Talking To Them Girls On The Phone? I Wish That I Can Tell Them All To Leave You Alone. Really Didn't Know Back Then, But Right Now Im Totally Sure That I Wanna Be Much More. <3 

No matter how many times I get hurt because of you,

I won't leave you, Because even if I have 1058309 reasons to

Leave you,

I'll look for that one reason

to KEEEEP you.

A very Merry harold&Kumar Christmas.
Kumar lights up a joint in the car with a 2 year old little girl in the back seat.
The little girls dad looks at Kumar and says "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING? MY DAUGHTER IS IN THE BACK SEAT?!" Kumar turns around and says ohh well and believes that she will be allright. 20 seconds later, the little girl starts laughing soooo hard for a long long time and in about 10 min she says "Daaadddy....I got the munchies!"

This movie is the greatest ever. I encourage you to go see it, hahahahah.

Should I Learn to trust him again, Should i believe Him when he claims he won't Smoke meth agin, when that is almost the most addictiting drug out there? I can tell when he doesnt do it His face looks 10X better?
It's okay! it's not like i ever loved you with everything i got? It's not like you were my world and everything in it, and i sures the hell never cry myself to sleep?
Does anyone else Just want to die for 10 min and see how he reacts? but then come back to life?
Does anyone else want to dress up in a disguise and pretend to be a boy and bring up your name to him and see what he says? jezzzzzzz. Wish i could do lots more than just that???
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