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Kaylie atkinson

is the name!(:

�I'm 16 years oldd GUYSS! yeah but im a really funny person and im easy to get allong with, so talkkk to me (:�


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So i've decided on some names; Zayn allen for a boy or for a girl i decided on aubry lynn.<3

reading old messages                   
and smiling like the      first time you read it. 


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That mini heart attack yoget when
You reach into your pocket and don't feel you phone.





"Can I copy your homework?"
"Yeah but the answers are probably all wrong.
not my quote, found on smartphowned.
"I don't care, thanks!"

Seeing a spider

isn't a problem.

It becomes a problem

when it disappears




Every kiss begins with K ;)
Too bad ugly begins with U.




Dear Saige;

      You mean soo much to me allready and I could have never guessed we would become this close? I think you are perfect in every way possible. You soo cute, your personality is GREAT, you know how to treat a girl right, you respect me and what i believe in, your the sweetest thing ever, & you are not afraid to open up to me and tell me how your truley feeling and i love it. I love everything about you. You mean soo much to me, almost soo much that i can barley stand it! Your alot to handle at times and you have your moments, but you still know when to stop before it goes too far. I never thought i would beable to get over my EX, and when the times came that i was sure it was going to be impossible, you made it POSSIBLE. You know how to distract me from those old memories, you make the world seem TOOO perfect. When im with you, you make me the most happiest person out on the streets at the time. You rap all the time and it makes me smile because some of the things you say make ZERO sense and others are sweet and funny. Your very laid back, and youve given up a lot for me. The thing is, YOUR GOOOFY, period. Your also very amazing and i miss you soo much right now, thats why im typing about you! But i will see you today affter i get out of school and im excited even though i see you EVERY DAY. We only been dating for 12 days, but its gonna last along timee so you better be readdy. <3 Im really feelin' it. (:


The pascan't brewritten.  
but it can make us stronger.
  Bthankful for everchange, foevery heartbreak,
for every scar...