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Quotes by kayteexox

im saying its not going to be easy...its going to be really hard.we're gonna have to work at it everyday.But i wanna do that cause i want you.i want all of you, you & me together..everyday for the rest of my life. notebook<3
the only reason i don't get outta bed in the morning is because i wanna dream about you <3
i just wish you would stop and realize the way your treating me......</3
anyone need advice? :)
your the voice i hear inside my head, the reason that im singing, i need to find you, i gotta find you  :) <3
a summer like no other, your my l.a. baby(:
just the two of us tonight, we can make it last forever.
Whenever you knock me down, i will not stay on the ground
no matter how i feel it's always true, that the one thing that makes me smile is you
im just an ordinary girl, sometimes im lazy, i get bored, i get scared, i feel ignored, i feel happy, i get silly, i choke on my own words, i make wishes, i have dreams, and i still want to believe anything can happen in this world, for an ordinary girl...♥