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im Kayla
gunna be 15 January 25th
im awkward
i miss summer </3
wasteing my time on ----> him
cheerlead and play softball :D
i miss the way things used to be .


She puts her headphones in, and blocks out the world, she glances at the old pictures, and wonders where it all went wrong ♥ 

Enjoy your life today.
Because yesterday
is gone. 
And tommorrow may
never come. 

I'm mad at myself, 
Not you.
I'm mad for always being nice.
Always apologizing for things I never did.
For getting attached.
For making you a huge part of my life.
Wasting my time on you, depending on you.
Thinking about you, wishing for you.
Dreaming of you, changing all for you,
But most of all,

Not hating you when I know I should. 

another day, another scar
another wish on another star
another girl with hidden pain
you hear this story, again & again

her body shows signs that everyone missed
ribs jutting out, and scars on her wrists,
a bottle of pills in her bottom drawer
it numbs the pain; that's what it's for.

she's an actress; she hides it too well
no one can see that she's going through hell
she has pretty hair, and perfect clothes
all of that effort so nobody knows. 

 Her eyes don't light up when she hears your name.She doesn't get chills when you walk by, and her heart never skips a beat when you smile at her. You don't get to her like you used to. You're a bad memory in the back of her mind. So don't be shocked when she doesn't even think twice about looking your way. Don't bother talking to her. She's over the fighting. It's sad to think you did this to her. She kept giving you chances, and you kept fucking up. Now she walks around with that cute little smile on her face. She laughs louder then before. She is happy.♥

Looks like you lost her, bro.

Quotes by kayyla3125


Deep in my heart I'm concealing things im longing to say .
Scared to confess what im feeling ;;;
Frightened you'll slip away .


Break up the bad & insert the  problems ,
Roll up the resentments
& light up the solution ,
Inhale the happiness
& exhale the past .


seeing red again .

Life is a war ;;;
Be strong and command it.


 I took your words & I believed in everything you said to me .



oh so i'm invisible to you now ?
thats cool.
ive always wanted a superpower.


How stupid you feel when ,

for just a moment you
that he c
ared about you  .


You say you're not a hoe ?
Alright, no doubt .
But next time you wanna say that
dont forget to wipe your mouth


credit to 4the_gurls
Twitter (:

so my feelings for you may have gone away ,
but that doesn't meen i don't still think about you
everyday .