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it's okay,
life is a tough crowd



Quotes by kayyllaaaxox

I called the suicide hotline
and talked to a guy there for an entire hour.
He couldn't do much since he had no idea who I was.
But just talking to him helped me more than anything.
Never be afraid to call them 
1 800 273 8255 ♥

who else is
crying  right  now?
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If only there was a middle finger emoji


i think you deserve
to look back on your life
without a chorus
of resounding voices saying

"I could have...
but it's too late now"

- taylor swift



i think it's fearless
to fall for your best friend
even though he's in love

with someone else

- taylor swift




      you're always going to 
     know more in the future

           than you know now

- taylor swift



you have to base your fairytale
not on happily ever after, but on
happy right now

- taylor swift



you always regret
what you don't say

- taylor swift


and a  m i l l i o n  other people

  d  t  e
 w a n t s  m e  t h e r e