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Hey guys, the name is Korryn. 
                      I don't have much to say except to live your life out to the fullest and to enjoy every moment you have because you only live once. Make it worth it. Don't worry about other people, just worry about you. (learned that the very hard way) you can't make everyone happy, just do you. Don't dwell on small things, 'cuz trust me, it isn't worth it. Just have fun, its all you can do. 'Cuz before you know it, within a blink of an eye you'll be heading off to college or starting a family or something.. you just have to enjoy it while it lasts.. just don't grow up to fast. ♥ ( :

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When He Said, 
" I can promise you that I'm not like that.. I won't leave you for a while.  I'll treat you right & take care of you♥"
I just started crying & realized how happy i am.
M.D. [( june 3, 2012)] 

I've never been so happy in my life before.
He's litterally my everything. 

Teenage Suicude, 

This video shows and explains the feelings and thoughts on teenagers who either attempted or committed suicide. It has facts on how many teenagers committ suicide in one year. This video reaches out to all those in help. Its for the Suicide Project. This video was just posted last year on youtube to reach out to everyone. So please, listen up and reach out to those in need of help.
You can possibly save a life. ♥ 

I just realized that I can't stop smiling everytime I txt you, talk about you or with you, think about you and when we're together. 

I always have THE biggest smile on my face everytime you're near or talking. You just make my life that much better. ♥

& i just realized that i really like my best friend...
the best part is, that i know he likes me. ♥ 

I'm Done.
with all of this bullsh*t. 

School is a lot better when you can go on witty when you have nothing to do at all in study hall! woot woot. Go wittty, you rock :P

Life likes to play games with the weak and the strong. It will throw anything at anyone to make everything harder. No matter what the situation is or who the person is; Life is a big game that each one of us plays. We either win one day or loose the next, or win and loose all in the same day. We never know what's going to happen next. The cool thing is that we all deal with each thing differently and in our own way. There is a reason why none of us has been in the same exact thing as another person, there's always something that makes it different or your own story. There is a reason why we live differently everyday. There is a reason why we've never been in the same situation twice. No matter what the reason is, we've learned from our mistakes and our pasts and our prizes and our confidence. We just have to keep our heads held high, our muscles loose, our eyes clear, our mouths closed, and our pride and confidence high. Keep the tissues in the box, keep your strength to yourself, and use the muscles to keep your head high. Just know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, everything happens for a reason, and there is always a happy ending after all the pain.

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We all love & miss you guys. May Mother, Daugher&Father be together once again. ♥

All my prayers go out to my 92 year old great grandmother. She had to go to the Hospital the other night because she OverDosed on a very strong pain killer. She ended up having a ceaser and her brain shut down. She's doing better,but we can only wish&pray for the best. I can't lose another family member. I just lost one at the end of February and another in mid October. It was father&daughter, my grandmother&great grandfather, 94&65(ish). Yes, this is the wife of my great grandfather for 60 something years i believe. Doesn't matter, besides the point. I hope you can say a little prayer for my great grandmother so she can get better. Thank you.