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 Well hello! Im Sarah and am 1 years old. I'm just here to try and enjoy life. I have my ups and downs but will always be thankful for the fact that I was allowed for another day on this planet no matter how bad the day turns out to be. I have been a dancer since I was 5 which adds up to be 11 years by now. I used to be a brown belt in kempo-jistu but unfortunately quit (I still like to consider myself a ninja ;)) I wish to be a cake artist someday and own my own bakery and have been working towards that for years now (check out my website www.cakerybakeryri.webs.com) I absolutely LOVE drawing (follow me on instagram @unknown_talent I post all my drawings on there!). I try to be as nice as possible to people but have a tendency to not tolerate bullsh*t. I think I've stated more than enough for you to get a general understanding of who I am. I like to help people out and get them to love the life they have and hopefully themsleves too, so feel free to comment for any help possibly needed :) and remeber, enjoy your life! All credit goes to _lovedlayouts
Liven life to the fullest! :)

Quotes by kby246

Why you?
Why is it you that had to fill my mind?
Why could'nt it be someone who actually cares about me?
Why not someone who could share the same feelings?
Why you?
Why someone so amazing and different?
Why do you have to have the perfect smile?
Why do you have to give the best feeling in the world?
Why you?


What is happening?
You're clouding my mind
My thoughts are surrounded by you.
Every image has you in the background.
You've poisoned my brain with your smile,
with your gentle laughter

You're invading my world
but I'm so happy it's you who is


I've always wondered...

What if I died tomorrow?

If I were to suddenly pass away,
what would I want the important people in my life to know?

Would I want them to know all the thoughts that raced through my mind?
Would I want that one special person in my life to know my true feelings about him?
What would those last words be that my loved ones would remember me by?
Have I left a memorable mark on the world?
I've always wondered if their could be someway for me to lessen the pain that they would feel


That look in your eyes hurts,
the look of true adoration,

when its for someone else


I sit here and wonder what could be
I wonder what would happen if I built up the nerve to say say something
if I said what I was feeling
I wonder if we would be together at this very moment
if we would ever get to spend time together
I wonder if something magical would happen
if I just took a chance on you


One of the worst things to experience
Is crying while driving.
Not only are you all alone
But your eyes get all blurry
You cant wipe the tears from your eyes
You start speeding up
You loose your surroundings
and forget about where you are
You worry about everyone passing by
Hoping they cant see the pain you are carrying
But worst of all,
You realize how much danger you put yourself in

But you just do not care anymore

I finally get it,
Why you call someone you like
a crush
Because in the end
You always end up crushed


It always happens the same
I fall for someone
I think I have a chance
They like someone else
And I end up hurt


The other day
One of my teachers was discussing how girls were raised in a society
That believes skinny is beautiful and what they have to be
Right when he said "skinny is beautiful"
A group of guys looked at each other and shook their head
Disagreeing with this very statement
Because of them, I now have faith in the male gender
Because of how they understand that we arent perfect
Because they find beauty in our "imperfections"
Just let this show that there are guys out there
Who respect women for how they are
Not for what society wants them to be


My feelings are tangled