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 Well hello! Im Sarah and am 1 years old. I'm just here to try and enjoy life. I have my ups and downs but will always be thankful for the fact that I was allowed for another day on this planet no matter how bad the day turns out to be. I have been a dancer since I was 5 which adds up to be 11 years by now. I used to be a brown belt in kempo-jistu but unfortunately quit (I still like to consider myself a ninja ;)) I wish to be a cake artist someday and own my own bakery and have been working towards that for years now (check out my website www.cakerybakeryri.webs.com) I absolutely LOVE drawing (follow me on instagram @unknown_talent I post all my drawings on there!). I try to be as nice as possible to people but have a tendency to not tolerate bullsh*t. I think I've stated more than enough for you to get a general understanding of who I am. I like to help people out and get them to love the life they have and hopefully themsleves too, so feel free to comment for any help possibly needed :) and remeber, enjoy your life! All credit goes to _lovedlayouts
Liven life to the fullest! :)

Quotes by kby246

One Day
One day with no problems
One day with no worries
One day where I have nothing to do
One day where I am free

that's all I need is
One Day
Just the thought of what could be
Is the only thing thats keeping me hoping
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They say 
"Just be happy"
Buts its harder than it looks

I want to say that I'm happy with who I am
but I cant
what worries me the most
is that I never will be 
and no one else will either
Im struggling, Struggling to hold on. Everything seems to be falling apart and I dont know how Im going to deal with it. My family is falling apart, my friends are vanishing; I try to hold it together but the smile is fading. Everyone thinks Im falling but inside im falling apart. I know I shouldnt complain, I have it so easy, there's worse out there. I just dont know how much longer I can hold up.

sitting down at the computer
feels like 10 minutes 
quick glance at the clock

its been an hour

Sometimes the best medicine,

is feeling the tears roll down your cheeks

He, got his old girlfriend back the other day.

It broke my heart,

but I'm still happy for him, that he found who he wanted

Am I the only one...

who loves my life without a relationship?

I don't just fall for guys,
I trip.

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