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 Well hello! Im Sarah and am 1 years old. I'm just here to try and enjoy life. I have my ups and downs but will always be thankful for the fact that I was allowed for another day on this planet no matter how bad the day turns out to be. I have been a dancer since I was 5 which adds up to be 11 years by now. I used to be a brown belt in kempo-jistu but unfortunately quit (I still like to consider myself a ninja ;)) I wish to be a cake artist someday and own my own bakery and have been working towards that for years now (check out my website www.cakerybakeryri.webs.com) I absolutely LOVE drawing (follow me on instagram @unknown_talent I post all my drawings on there!). I try to be as nice as possible to people but have a tendency to not tolerate bullsh*t. I think I've stated more than enough for you to get a general understanding of who I am. I like to help people out and get them to love the life they have and hopefully themsleves too, so feel free to comment for any help possibly needed :) and remeber, enjoy your life! All credit goes to _lovedlayouts
Liven life to the fullest! :)

kby246's Favorite Quotes


a boy
a girl

a whispered “I like you”

an escape
new hope in an old car

a tiny apartment full of love

a family conceived

a patriarch
a matriarch

a stone
a whispered “I miss you”

another stone

I'm always afraid when people say I'll carry you.
I don't want to be carried or saved.
what I want is for someone to figure out how to get close to me without feeling the need to carry me.
someone to be myself with in every way who know my faults but won't let me drown anyway
but let's be honest isn't that what we all want 
he says "i promise i won't leave this time." i say "you're horrible at telling the truth."


Is she naked because you love her or do you love her because shes naked?  










you said i was the girl
of your dreams;
i guess you decided
to wake up

I Broke
My Own Heart
Loving You

the worst kind of pain is
when you're smiling
just to stop the
tears from falling
You Just Need
To Be With The
Person Who
Makes You Smile
Even If It Means
There's Always
Gonna Be That One
Person In Your Life
That You Cant
Walk Away From
Even If You Know
You Have To