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Yo. I'm Kate. 
And I thrive off of anime, bands and fandoms. 

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Misa: I can't imagine a world without Light...
L: Yes, I suppose it would be very dark.
-Death Note


In thirty years, 

you'll probably look back on your life. Some of you might think of all the mean comments people said, the rumors that were spread, all the failing papers that convinced you you were stupid.
But that doesn't really matter.
What matters, is when you realize,

right now, those comments don't mean a  thing.



someone care to comment good songs?
I'll listen to anything :)


                            Don't expect 
                                                                          A bless you after your third sneeze. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||x
                                     Get that sh* under control.          




And in a pipe, she flies to the motherland,
or sells love to another man,

it's too cold outside, for
angels to fly...

She lives in a fairytale,

somewhere too far for us to find...

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BravoSierra's format

                                        because even in fairy tales, the happy ending takes place on the
last page...♥


& I would love to see the reaction of people everywhere, if Disney made a movie about two gay guys falling in love.




"Is mayonnaise an instrument?"

-Patrick Star

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