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Heey there! My name is Keanna (Key-anna) and I am 14 years old and i am in the 9th grade this year. I blow out the candles on September 23rd. I love sports, but my favorites are Basketball, Volleyball, track and Soccer. my favorite thing to do is snowboard and longboard. I am Canadian and proud. I travel quite a bit, but I always have time for family and friends. I also can speak French fluently.. To whom it may concern.
As most people, I enjoy music very much, its always there for you when you need someone but don't have anyone. Some of my favorite bands and musicians are; Mariana's Trench, Down with Webster, Taylor Swift, hedley and Tim McGraw.. And yes, I love country music. Some of my favorite songs are; red solo cup, drop in the ocean, had a bad day and shelter. I could not live without my family and my friends. They mean the world to me! :)  i love giving advice so if you need any, im your girl! i believe everyone dserves a second chance but always remember there are people waiting for their first chance. you only get to live once so live young, wild and free! i love all my followers <3
Also; give my friend Smileyface13 some love. 
She did my whole profile and  love her so yeah.. I owe her ;)

Quotes by keannicalxoxo

Not knowing the real words that are being sung in that one part of the song
so you just make random noises

that sounds something like whats being sung.:) 

You're beautiful;
society is ugly.

                                          ☆ ★ 


Dear guys,
I'm sorry I dont have DD boobs
I'm sorry I don't put out for just any guy to keep them happy.

I'm sorry I dont wear revealing clothes.
I'm sorry my hair isn't always perfect.

But truth is, I'm not sorry at all.
Cause I have a little something called self repect.
And that is gonna take me places. Places other than a guy's bed or backseat.
Deal with it.


nmf.                                         .

six billion people.
809 islands
204 countries,
8 planets,
seven seas,.
1 universe

And i just wanna be the girl
He wants more than anything <3 

not my format.


                          Be yourself.                               
An original is always better  than a copy.

use your smile to change the world.

Dont let the world change your smile (:


                                                                              once upon a time,
                                                something happened to me
                                                   it was the sweetest thing
                                                          that could ever be
                                           a fantasy, a dream come true
                                                   it was the day that i met
                                                                   YOU <3