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Heey there! My name is Keanna (Key-anna) and I am 14 years old and i am in the 9th grade this year. I blow out the candles on September 23rd. I love sports, but my favorites are Basketball, Volleyball, track and Soccer. my favorite thing to do is snowboard and longboard. I am Canadian and proud. I travel quite a bit, but I always have time for family and friends. I also can speak French fluently.. To whom it may concern.
As most people, I enjoy music very much, its always there for you when you need someone but don't have anyone. Some of my favorite bands and musicians are; Mariana's Trench, Down with Webster, Taylor Swift, hedley and Tim McGraw.. And yes, I love country music. Some of my favorite songs are; red solo cup, drop in the ocean, had a bad day and shelter. I could not live without my family and my friends. They mean the world to me! :)  i love giving advice so if you need any, im your girl! i believe everyone dserves a second chance but always remember there are people waiting for their first chance. you only get to live once so live young, wild and free! i love all my followers <3
Also; give my friend Smileyface13 some love. 
She did my whole profile and  love her so yeah.. I owe her ;)

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dramaismylife 1 decade ago on quote #2951558
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LMAO! i feel the same way when i see this girl in my school XD
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