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I love glee, frappuccinos, my best friends, witty, temple run, laughing till i can't breathe, movie nights with girlfriends, yo mamma jokes, chocolote, popcorn, cooking, harry potter, singing along to my favorite songs, my puppy,   I'm 13, not exactly gorgeous, but yall know you love me. I love witty and i love everyone on it. I'm so thankful for my witty family. LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

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I'm pretty sure my best friends and I abuse each other more than people we hate.

Me: "You're cute when you're mad."
Her: "Yeah well I'm about to get real f*cking adorable."


when you sing the wrong words to a song. 



We don't want the doctor saying "Uh oh... Looks like we've got a little situation..."

And who else remembers
justin bieber?



Not to sound like a badas* but...
i wore socks that said Thursday...
On Tuesday.
I'm bad like that.

Can I get 6184 faves? ;)



i've always wanted to do this so... fave this and comment your name, and i will comment back a name that goes with yours. i'll be 100% honest <3

Fav for a guy name that sounds good with yours. :)
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Hey Mario. Remeber me?
I spent my childhood trying to save your girlfriend.

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