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I love glee, frappuccinos, my best friends, witty, temple run, laughing till i can't breathe, movie nights with girlfriends, yo mamma jokes, chocolote, popcorn, cooking, harry potter, singing along to my favorite songs, my puppy,   I'm 13, not exactly gorgeous, but yall know you love me. I love witty and i love everyone on it. I'm so thankful for my witty family. LOVE YOU GUYS! <3

kec98's Favorite Quotes

When you're taking off your jeans,
and your underwear decides to come off too.

When it's Awkward,

You immediately pull out your phone and start pretending to text.

10+ faves and I'll do a series(:


kaiilovesyou format and fade.
"Hey, how dyou spell ICUP?"


"What?! eww!"

Fave if you remember this.(:


♥ That one boy

you never though
Youd  have
feelings for


the  awkward  moment

 w h e n   y o u r   p a r e n t s   h a v e   g u e s t s   o v e r  
 and you don't make it to your room on time, so now you have to socialize.

 f o r m a t   b y   j i m m y 3 6 5 /   t   u   m   b   l   r 


looking at an old picture

and wishing you could go back to that moment. 

I was in a store, and I put the shirt up on the counter.

The lady asks: "You gonna buy that?"

"No, I'm gonna steal it. I just thought I should tell you first."





We're Teenagers
We laugh harder when we try to explain why were laughing(:

follow me i follow back :)

Why are kids obese?
Maybe because
burgers are $.99
salads are $4.99

And who else...

Used to panic when you couldn't find your mom at the Grocery Store?



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