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Rachel. 17. July 23rd. Junior. Pennsylvania. What else do ya wanna know?

I used to come on a lot but ya know my friends all left so now it sucks. I used to go on the REAL chat not this one we have now as MOOBIES. If you remember me or we were friends leave me a comment or something and we can catch up? Okay bye.
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If you fish for compliments, there is a good chance I hate you.
I wanna hate everyone and I want everyone to like me. This isn't working.
-Jack Barakat
I haven't taken a good picture since...birth
"If I could take a selfie, I totally would!"

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I never told lie & thamakes me a liar.    

format credit to whoever?
Plot Twist : The phrase "Plot Twist" isn't overused and is still funny.


Can you get pregnant by a dog??

-My best friend
She is 15 years old...


My IPhone's batterlasts longer than my summer