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About Me.
Rachel. 17. July 23rd. Junior. Pennsylvania. What else do ya wanna know?

I used to come on a lot but ya know my friends all left so now it sucks. I used to go on the REAL chat not this one we have now as MOOBIES. If you remember me or we were friends leave me a comment or something and we can catch up? Okay bye.
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I    like    you. 

Quotes by keep_dreaming101

is just taking breathes to stay.


Just call me butter because I'm on a roll.

& I guess wishes just don't come true.
Because if they did you'd still be here with me.

Who are you? I don't know you anymore.
You've completely changed.
I don't recognize you anymore.
What has happened?
I hate the new you.
Honestly now knowing this is who you want to be,
I'm happy you're out of my life.


I 'm done.
I'm done trying.
I'm done caring.
I'm done listening.
I'm done loving.
I'm done with you.
From now on Imma do me
and you can do you.
But don't try to come back in my life.
Because I realized-I don't live to please you,
I only live to please myself.
For the first time in my life, I am finally done.

&-The good moments that I cherish and remember whenever I think about him,
Are the moments he won't think twice


Don't you just love how haters can't say things to your face?

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