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White lips , pale face.
Breathing in snowflakes.
Burnt Lungs , sour taste.
Lights gone , days end.
Struggling to pay rent.
Long nights , strange men.
& They say , She's in the
class A Team. Stuck in
her daydream. Been this
way , since eighteen ,
but lately , her face seems
slowly sinking , wasting ,
Crumbling like pastries.
                     The A Team - Ed Sheeran
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You text him, he doesn't text you back. He was obviously so excited that you texted him he fainted.

&& I just love...

When I get home and it's like "Did I look like this ALL day??

nmf/ I follow back<3

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I asked you if I was PRETTY, u said NO.
I asked u if I was FAT, u said YES OF COURSE.
I asked u if u WANTED to be w/ me forever, u said NO
I asked u if u would CRY if I walked away, u said NO
I had heard to much, and need to leave and,
as I walked away....
U grabbed my arm and told me to stay.
U said...
The only thing FAT, or BIG, about u is ur HEART.
I don't WANT to be w/ u forever, I NEED to be w/ u forever.
And, baby, I wouldn't CRY if u walked away.....
I would DIE.

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It doesn't matter if you hate me.
I'm still going to be happy.

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Just because something
isn't happening for you
right now, Doesn't mean
that it never will ...