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i'm kelly.(: i'm single. i have myself a baby boy. i don't talk to many people, altough i love talking. lol. i'm 17&i blow out my candles on july 18th. my world revolves around my family and friends. i'm not your typical teenager.. i've been through alot. so please don't judge me. and i wont judge you.<3

young, wild &free.(;

Quotes by kelly2013

I finally have a man on valentines day!!
but his phones off.
and i havent talked to him in 5 days..

don't leave her if you cant let her go..
so go on,
go on and leave my love,
out on the street,

im fearless..
i asked if you loved me and you said you did. but now you don't.. that's not love.

*true love never dies.
i thought you loved me? :/
Spending my night with my two favorite things. jack &mary jane..(;
so, exactly how many stoners are their on witty?
whoever said the best things in life are free,
obviously, grew their own
why drink and drive,
when you can smoke and flyy..