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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Check, check, 1,2,3. Hi, my names Kelly. I'm 14 going on 15 this June. Okay, enough with the awkward stuff, I'll just cut to the chase. I stubled upon this wonderful website in December, 2008. I fell in
lovewith it and decided to make an accountthat February. I've watched Witty change from something that was so small to something so huge. I'm really blessed to have found this place because I can really be myself and express my feelings in all of my quotes. Don't get me wrong, all of the quotes that I have ever favorited (and in the earlier months rated) I've learned more about myself and learned things about how other people feel too. Thanks so much, Steve, for creating, you're truly a blessing. And thank you to anyone who has read this, you're beatuiful no matter what anyone says and I believe in you.

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Not to spoil the ending
everything's gonna be okay
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you have pointed out my faws again 
as if I don't already see them.


You have to base your fairytale 
not upon happily ever after, but on
 h a p p i l y    r i g h t   n o w
taylor swift

Hey. I really miss you!
Are you sure about that? Because this is the first time you have spoken to me in months. If you "really" missed me, you would have made some effort to talk to me again. The only reason I stopped trying to talk to you is because you never responded. It made me feel terrible. And now you think you can just reapear and think its perfectly fine to text me. You don't really miss me at all. You're just bored. 

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are just trying to get throught the day without falling apart.

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Removal of Credit is punishable by DEATH.


Sometimes, I wonder if anyone is secretly in love with me.


in three words I can sum up everything I know about life:
it goes on
-robert frost-



The lingering question kept me up, 
2 A.M., who do you love? I wonder til I'm wide awake.


I'm tired, sad, angry, uncomfortable, confused.
I'm fine.


It's  FIne.
It's not like my feelings matter or anything.