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Hi, Im Kendra. Im only 14, but I often feel older. I've been treated liike an adult since I was about 6 when people thought I could handel it. I can, but its caused some problems along the way. I have depression and anxiety, but I dont let it stop me. You shouldnt either. I've found a grandparent dead, and one alomst dead. I've experienced more death in my life than adults. The hardest one was my friend though. It happened almost two years ago, you get used to t but you never really accept it. You see that lovely lady in that picture with me? Thats my great grandma. June 2nd 2011 I found her almost dead. She suffered 5 strokes at the same time, her husband died when I was 6 (I dont remember him well but I still love my pap.<3) She has demenchia and doesnt know who I am. I still tell her I love her almost everyday and she says it back. She means the world to me. My big cousin is more like a brother, he's there for me always, we've had alot of hard times but I love him anyways. And my girls<3 my three strong little cousins, 7, 4, and 1. These girls made my life complete, Ill do anything for them day in and day out. Sometimes I lose my temper, but I have a lot of stress. Two highschool classes and all advanced classes on an 8th grader is kid of tough. I wouldnt change my smartness for anything though, it makes me who I am. So if theres anything else youd like to know you can comment. Thank you if you took the time to know a little but about me.

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Mr Rose: *Says something about the Steel Trolley Diner*

Tyler: Oh you mean the STD?!

Class: *Getting ready to pee of laughter*

Mr. Rose: *laughs*

Yes, even teachers laugh at perverted jokes.
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More than friends,

less than lovers...


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23 Favorites and 1 Comment on a quote? Thank you so much guys. You dont understand how much that means to me. (':

I fell for my bestfriend...
Two things I never wanted to be: stereotypical, and heartbroken.

So I think I am going to make a new 1D fanfic.
If anyone wants to be in it just comment some stuff and I'll see what U can do.(:
Yeah, Im ugly.
Im weird.
Im too smart.
Im stupid.
Im not funnny.
My hearts broken.
I like a guy who Im friends with,
hes my best guy friend.
Yeah my life is hell.
I know by what Ive wrote you think its nothing.
I didnt tell you my dad is not in my life.
When he was he was in jail or getting arrested with me in the car.
I found my grandma dead when I was like 8.
I feel like its my fault.
My grandma is basically dead and has no idea who I am.
I feel like its my fault.
I've had a friend die.
The list goes on and on.
I used to cut but I wont let myself.
I would prefer to be dead otr never alive.
But you knbow itslife.
It could be worse.

Sorry for venting.

That crushing feeling you get when you love your boyfriend more than he loves you....

 I think we know who loves who more....

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