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Hey, My name is Kendra :)
I'm a freshman in high school.
I blow out my candles on September 6th.*
Family and my 4 best friends are my life.<3
I'm a Belieber<333 #wegohard #donthate
Team Jacob allll theeee wayyyy :D
I'm a softball player.*
My 2 horses are the absolute besttt.<33
I love movies; The Notebook, Titanic, Joe Dirt, Never Say Never & on & on...
          books; anything Nicholas Sparks, The Twilight Saga, First Step 2 Forever...
          TV; Law&Order:SVU, PLL, American Idol, SpongeBob, and more..
LOVEEEE music, wayyy too many kinds to mention.*
Witty is my loveeee :) (my quotes suck but i like to look at every1 elses)
twin? belieber? anything in common? talk to me if u want :)

Quotes by kendrabrooke

Ya know that person i was with tonight?

The one that was sweet and funny?

The one that can make me smile anytime?

Thats the you i wanna be around.

No other sides.

Yesterday i went swimming ;;
there was a group of 4 friends layin in the shade, reading Harry Potter,
to eachother,
using the accents and diferent voices.
Now those are some dedicated people.  :) 

Softball Quotes #3
"I dont want to be just a face, i want to go out there and prove something on the field."
-Jennie Finch (a.k.a best. softball. player. ever.) :)



This or that quiz(:
[] Eminem or Lil Wayne [x]
[] UGGs or flip flops [x]
[x] smoothies or slushies []
[x] Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson []
[x] beach or swimming pool []
[x] Witty or Facebook []
[x] movies or TV shows []
[] curly hair or straight [x]
[] Abercrombie or Hollister []  -*AEO(:
[x] dogs or cats []
[] Winter or Summer [x]
[x] solo artists or bands []
[] singing or acting[] dont do either
[x] pictures or videos []
[x] softball or lax[]
[x] books or magazines[]
[] love or friendship[x]
[x]straight or gay[]
[x]beautiful or hot[]
[x] asleep or awake[]

[x]sun or stars[]
[]cake or pie[x]
[]m&ms or skittles[x
[x]pancakes or French toast[x] like both :P
[] Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato[x]
[x] basketball or volleyball[]
[] cupcakes or muffins[x]
[x]Chris Brown or Rihanna[]
[x] sky dive or bungee jump[]
[] Six Flags or Disneyland[] havent been to either 

[x] Italian food or Mexican food []
[x] Converse or Vans [] dont really wear either thoughh
[x] Twilight or Harry Potter []
[] Knee-Highs or Ankle-socks [x]
[x] Chocolate or Vanilla [x]
[x] Reading or Writing []
[x] Hot Fudge or chocolate syrup []
[] Homework now or homework later [x]
[] Fish or Chicken [x]
[] Boyfriend or Boy friend [x]
[x] Music or Phone []
[x] Family or friends [x]
[x]popular or nerdy ;) []
[] black or pink [x]
[] mainstream or no mainstream [] what is that?

repost this with your answers! feel free to add more "this or thats

n m f

* "This one's for you and me livin' out our dreams.." *


Softball Quotes #2
"Softball is like love;; first you learn the rules of the game and then you forget the rules and play from your heart." *

nmq nmf



 "You're  going  to  come  across people  in your life  who  will  say  all the  right  words  at  all  the  right times  but  in  the  end;  it's  always actions you should  judge  them  by.  It's actions  -not words - that matter."


*-Nicholas Sparks-*






Softball Quotes #1
"Softball; blood, sweat, and tears. But yet... we still want more" :)



Jamey(bestfriend): "Madison(other bestfriend) just watched me and Colton(Jamey's bf) kiss."

Me: "I know lol she told me, soo how was it?? ;)"

Jamey: "Awkward but good."

Me: "Awkward because Madison was watching?"

Jamey: "No cuz his mom was"

Me: "ohhhhhhhhhhhh! that sucks! bahahahahahahaha


Nicki Minaj.

nuff said :)