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so i have a question whats so bad about being a slut or whore? is it cuz they get they get the guys they want? kk so email me and let me know. kk thx :P

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so everyone thinks me and my best friend like each other so just for the hell of it we got married on facebook i have 490 friends on facebook 350 ppl liked the relationship status and its only been up for an hour hot damn o.0 i wonder what ppl would do if we really went out 
i just made a tumblr you know what to do (:

so me and this guy are friends or friends with benefits and he wanted us to go father then what we were already doing so i tried to explain to him why i was scared to go father i was sitting on the floor and he was in the chair and he asked me why they were different i looked up at him and i said i really liked him an he said you don't like me i was like i didnt say that and he got off his chair and kissed me and i couldn't help but laugh while we kissed  then we started talking talking about dating and now im not sure if were dating on the dl hes a really nice guy but i don't know if i want to have to keep a realationship on the dl cuz i really wanna go to homecomig this year klailenfal but like he makes me smile and after we kiss i can never get that stupid smile off my face and hes so funny like if i could i would kiss him all day <3 what should i dooo 
He wants me to call out sick tmrocuz he want to spend a whole day with me <3 
he hasn't talked to me in over 3 months then he sent me a txt saying hey i was like umm hey what's up he said nothing sorry i haven't talked to you in so long i broke my phone i was like that sucks he goes yeah i miss talking to you and i miss seeing your smile u should have seen my smile <3 
hot damn hes a good kisser (;
i need advise can u please help me