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hey guys!
im fourteen going into freshmen year.
i live in virginia  on the east coast.
i love swimming,soccer,the beach, and bike riding.
i love to spend time with my extended family and all my friends.
im a bit nervous about highschool but i think ill be alright(: 
yeah pretty little liars is my shitttt<3 
so is awkward and jane by design ahh best shows ever(:
ive had a rocky past but im trying to look forward to the future
theres a boy and im completely head over heals for him but he doesnt know it.
talk to me and ill talk to you.
follow me and ill most likely follow you back.
be a bitch to me and expect a whole lot of bitcheness back.
i love all my followers and i thank you for all the support youve given me through the past 2 years(:
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Quotes by kenzie212

Even though the scars may fade,

the memories of you will always remain.


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guys he walked metoclass today

If happy ever afters did exist,
I would still be holding you like this
All those fairy tales are full of s**t
One more f***ing love song, I'll be sick.

Remeber when...

you were instantly popular if you had smelly markers or a 64 pack of crayons?

I feel the sparks fly whenever you look at me with those big brown eyes <3
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I usually dont fall for boys like you,but when your talking to me i cant help but smile<3

today at school ...
we watched the princess diaries,
made braclets and rings
and wrote a childrens book.

yeah were sucessful people :) 

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today a boy at my school got suspended...

because he was selling his adhd medications to other students to get high 



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Teacher: stop making scary faces! 
boy: ...

 Teacher: stop it! 

him: im not this is just my face


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