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i dont know where youre going; and
i dont know why, but


before you tell him goodbye

Cheers  to   the  freakin'   New  Year;

 I'd drink to that. Yeah, yeaaah.

James, I just want to be completely honest and tell you everything. You might not care, but I just have to get all of this out. When I first met you, I didn't think it was going to turn into anything serious. But I soon realized that I was wronng. I really liked you and I was so happy when we were together. I know that we didn't see each other a lot and I'm sorry about that. I never realized how much you meant to me until I didn't have you anymore. Until I know that I had no chance of getting you back. And until I knew that I didn't deserve you back. Honestly I thought about you a lot. No matter how much I tried to forget you, I just couldn't. I always told myself that is was really creepy and stupid that I thought about you so much because you didn't think about me at all. So then when you came to the soccer game, I was so happy to see you. It was one of the best nights ever with you. I thought that maybe we would start dating again, but I quickly realized that wasn't in your plans. Eventually there came a time when I really thought I was over you. I didn't think about you constantly anymore. So I started dating a new guy, however I soon realized that he was nothing like you. I realized that I wasn't going to be happy unless I was with someone like you. Long story made short, I ended that relationship afater only one week. I felt guilty but I just couldn't be in a relationship with someone that I didn't like. So then when we started talking again, I honestly didn't think it was anything serious. But I soon fell right back into your trap again. I know I couldn't trust you, but I really wanted to. And you always know just what to say to make me believe all your petty lies. So I did. But then I started hearing all these rumors about you and other girls. A part of me was telling me how stupid I was for believing your lies, but still I wanted you. When I heard about you and Kendell I just wanted to cry. I was so freakin' upset. I was like why would he like me when he can get whatever he wants from her? Then came the rumors about you and Lilly. And I started thinking that maybe all these rumors were true and you were just lying to me again. I still have a feeling that some of the rumors I heard are true and I may never know for sure, but I am gonna try to forget about them. I think it's for the best.
Now the other night you asked me what was one thing I liked about you. I told you I didn't know, but the truth is I did...but I just couldn't pick one specific thing, because I like so much about you. I like your hilarious personality, your charming sense of humor, your gorgeous brown eyes, your adorable smile, your absolutely amazing good looks, the way your voice sounds on the phone, how I can talk to you for hours and never get bored, how when I'm having a bad day just hearing your voice can make everything better, how you can make me laugh by saying the most retarded things, your corny yet hilarious jokes, your absolutely disgusting perverted-ness, all your funny stories, your funny "poems", our nicknames, the way your change the lyrics to EVERY song, and most importantly....I like you. <3

that awkward moment when 
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People never change, they seem to stay the same.
 They wear different clothes, but play the same games...

I should've known
 that this would happen, that you would hurt me


                                                                                               . . .again.


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  I 'm sta rti ng to feel a l i tt l e awesome!
  face if you get it. ffaKkof

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I'm gonna smile & make you think I'm happy;

I'm gonna laugh, so you don't see me cry;

I'm gonna let you go in style,
& even if it kills me...

I'm gonna smile.