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Quotes by kenziebean218

When your boyfriend calls you fat and all these names that hes called me before come flooding back and you wanna crawl under a rock for being so stupid aqs to trust him again and again and you thought he would never say anything like that and he does.
Pinkies don't swear...
Middle fingers do..

haha watch no one fave this because i have no format. :)

At my church they had a 3o hour famine. We couldn't eat for 30 hours and it was hard. We watched a video about world hunger... Every day 8,000 kids die because of starvation. :( Fave if you just died a little inside thinking about all the kids...
The day after you and your parents have the "talk" you can't look at your teachers or your friends parents without thinking.. " they did THAT??"
so 2 years ago i was with my sister and her friend and her friend introduced me to a boy that Lived dOwn the street from me all my life that i had never known. He was in my Grade but i didn't know it. the next year he was in my clAss and we both relized we kNew each other and we always talked and sat next to each other. my friend would always say aww you guys are in love! well his friend asked me out and i said yes. i broke up with his friend when i relized i liked the kid next door more. i asked him out and he said no. OUCH!!
it hurt... a lot....
am i the only one that has had that done to me???

Why are all the quotes depressing? What about the moment when boys disappear off the face of the Earth. Girls will freak out and run around like headless chickens All the girls out there
-        We are strong
-        We don’t need a man to point out our flaws or perfections. We have each other for that.
Bottom line. We are strong and don’t need no man to feel that way
Yea my quote.. be jealous
The moment of pure lameness when you and your youngersister compare your boyfriends  and she has had 19 more than you. ;) HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! SHES 10!
all mine! yes!