Status: when life knocks you down, the goal is to get right back up.
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hiii(: im mackenzie!
hi guys, im mackenzie!(:
i live in massachusetts!
i go to highschool, freshman.
im single, right now
i love b.o.y.s, food,friends,family,puppies,finding nemo,and a lot more..
i hate..fake people,getting hurt,crying,spitting,when people annoy me, and  ALOT more..
but i try to live to the best of everything if something knocks me down i get right back up..dont let anyone stop you from who you are and what you wanna do.
love ya all!I(:

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I am in a relationship with One Direction

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Louis Tomlinson is in a relationship with a girl who eats carrots.

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there is a text I will never get





i love you baby♥






texts like this can make a girls day♥ 

and he said 
that the only way he can hurt me is

if he holds my hand to tight

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is it sad....
that ive named our

children already?


favorite if you would die if one direction just showed up at your door step and each one kissed you!
i know i would...


Not mine. I just love it

your the apple to my pie
your the straw to my berry
your the smoke to my high
your the one i wanna marry
cuz your the one for me for me
and im the one for you for you
you take the both of us of us
and were the PERFECT two!

harry styles= amazingly sexy,gorgeous,hot,did i mention sexy, and oh i forgot one thing ......


P.S. to all the girls out there back off.


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im having one of those days,
where my middle finger
answers to every question of yours!

never be upset when you see your ex with someone else
your parents taught you to give your used toys to the
less fortunate!