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Heey there beautiful Wittians! I'm McKenzi
and I'm fourteen years old.I'm usually the loud girl
who has only a few close friends. Family, Country music, the beach,
tanning, boardwalk, bonfires, chucks, hoodies, and jeans are basically my
favorite things ever. I'm a pure Jersey girl, forevvvvs. I'm about to be a Freshman
as of September 8th. My life goal is to become a part on the Military, NAVY branch.
So, I believe you have learned enough about me. PLEASE follow me & I will love you forevs. <3


Quotes by kenziikenzii99

No we can't be friends

I hope you understand.

Nothing more to say, nothing left to break.
I keep reaching out for you hoping you might stay.

Nothing more to give, nothing left to take.
I keep reaching out for you, reaching out for you
As you turn away.


I wish I was cold as stone, then I wouldn't feel a thing.
I wish I didn't have this heart, then I wouldn't know the sting of the rain.
I could stand on my own, letting your memory fade.
I wouldn't hurt like this, or feel so all alone.
I wish I was cold as stone.



telling the truth and making someone cry is
better than telling a lie and making someone smile.


Ever since I met you no one else
has even been worth thinking about.

am i the only one who feels completely
awkward wearing their bathing suit
around their dad?


Is it just me or does anybody else realize that ever
since 'Never Say Never' came out,Witty & Facebook
is constantly being bombed with Justin Bieber

Never take life seriously . Nobody gets out alive anyway.

best thing in the world ;;
your best guy friend hugging you &
always calling you beautiful.