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Hi Hello, I'm Keslyn. I'm a freshman. Music is my life. I love my family&friends. I pretty much text all the time.I am a huge dork, and very proud. :D I sing into my hairbrush loudly. I tell my tv to change the channel to disney instead of MTV. I like to put my Ipod on as loud as it can go and jam out in my room like a complete idiot. I may be your idea of " uncool. " But you know what? I'd rather do all of this instead of squeeze myself into some size 0 that I know doesn't fit me and not eat anything so I can fit everyone elses definition of perfect. I don't live by anyones standards. And i'll be much Happier than you'll ever be (:

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im in school.

favorite if you are too :)
And sometimes,
I'll lay outside and stare at the stars for hours, just in case a shooting star decides to pass by and I can wish for you again.

credit goes to my best friend for making this amazing quote. (: credit for the edit though.




who's with me?

♥Your perfect♥
Because everything you do makes me smile
Because every second I spend with you is worth while
Because when you laugh at me I laugh too
Because everyone knows I'm devoted to you
Because I love your eyes and the way they shine
Because you don't tell lies and your oh so cute when you whine
Because when you get mad you can't hide it 
Because when your sad I can find it
Because the way you hold me sends shivers down my spine
Because your spirits free and you're oh so dang fine
Because I never stop thinking about you it's not fair
Because you're just so perfect no one else can compare

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Fine guys open my eyes...
Smart guys open my mind...
But only a sweet guy can oped my heart

All the times we stayed up late talking on the phone
All the times you dried my tears and told me I wasn't alone
All The times you held me close under the night sky
All the times you saved my life just after I wanted to die
All the times you broke my heart and you didn't have a clue
All the times I cried myself to sleep and for once there was nothing you could do
 And now there's nothing you can say to heal my broken heart
 Now I feel like dying
Now I fell apart
Why do I still love you? boy I have no clue
Cause everytime I fall asleep..My dreams drift back to you. ♥

All mine(: It's not that long. Just read it.
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Angus,Thongs and Perfect Snogging(:

"I'd like to make myslef believe that planet earth turns slowly" Well Sweetheart, Planet earth does move slowly. Stupid.

no offense to Owl City. But, I mean really...Think of some better lyrics. Would ya? fave/comment. haha. credit goes to me btw. (:
So I must cut myself. I hate my life. I have no friends. I’m [always] crying.
I never laugh.    I often think about (suicide).   I’m not talkative.   I’m not
fun   to   be   around.       I   hate   myself.      I   hold   in   my   feelings.


S  E  E        H  O  W        S  T  U  P  I  D        Y  O  U        S  O  U  N  D  ?

not mine. but true.

I just need you back in my arms where you belong..I Don't wanna cry myself to sleep at night but this is how you left me...

i think its mine...