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Quotes by kewliokiwi

You don't just give me butterflies,
  I think vultures would be more accurate.

mine :]
I'm nothing special
I don't have boys all over me,
I don't have people [[
telling me I'm beautiful.]]
No one posts stuff on my Facebook wall.
I don't have a ''special tallent''.
My friends don't really get me.
I don't have any random illnesses.
I haven't broken a bone.
(if I did, I'm not sure who would care.)
I'm tall and ''curvy''.
Where's the justice?
Why can't I be model thin?
Why can't I sing like Mariah Carrey?
Why doesn't my hair [ever] look good?
Why isn't there some {hot guy} secretly in love with me?
I've really got nothing to live for.
But I keep trucking through the snow.
It might get me somewhere,
so {[I'll keep moving forward]}, and one day, I'll know.
            Wanna be my exnxexmxy for opposite day?
And you can be my lover
e.v.e.r.y  d.a.y.
[if you'd like]
Colors are pretty....

So is your smile

miiine ?

Don't judge by the cover
It may be only gray
But her  w o r d s  scream color.

i dunno...... rate, hate..... idc.....

going  xxxxx  rather
over txhxaxt

you've got going...
 I ' m  at  a  p o i n t   in  my   l x i x f x e   w h e r e
 books and music are my only

I was sitting at the   c o m p u t e r,
searching 'guy advice' on
while listening to [Halo by Beyonce.]
My friend looks over my shoulder,
raises her eyebrow and says
'you OK, darlin'?'
I realized I wasn't.
I realized I miss you

really happened.
Somebody, call the cops!!
That boy stole my heart!!
You know... I think I'll let him keep it...

   X+ Ill never come +X
           [xfirstx] as long as s*h*e is involved.

ummm just updated old quote.... its a lil better. gosh, this is so true, and its getting so frustrating. i'll be all happy for once and then WHHAAM, she'll show up and make me feel like crap again. i dunno how to handle it. but, here ya go. peaceee :]