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Quotes by kiaranine

The Forever Boy
He's that Ex you never really got over. He's the boy who may have
broken your heart over and over again but you'll still love him. He's
still important. He still matters. You still find yourself scrolling through
his tweets or looking at old pictures of you two that you never really
got around to deleting, or you find yourself laying there remembering
everything great about him. You may date other people and say that
you're over him but you know you're not and you know a year from now
you still won't be. He's that one guy that you'd take back in a heartbeat
even if it meant that your own heart may stop beating in the process.
He'll always be in the back of your mind as that "what if?" "What if we
had dated longer" "what if he hadn't moved?" "What if we were older?"
"What if we got married?" He's the basis of every fantasy, every twisted
dream of yours every fairytale euphoria you encounter. He's the forever boy.
He may not remember you exsist, but he still has your heart.


L o v e

Is not something you see, or breathe,
it's not something that can be bought
or replaced, or exchanged. it's not the
wedding ring, but knowing that the ring
means that no matter who talks to the  
person you love, no matter who tries to
make them fall out of love with you, you
are coming home to them every night. they
said "i do" to you, they wore that dress or
tux for you. Love is not necessarily a man and
a woman, it can be a man and a man, a woman
and a woman. But love only has room for two.
Love is not tangible, but it is something we all
try to grasp. love is not saying that you love them
now, but that you will love them forever <3


Everyone has their flaws.
y o u ' r e a l l o w e d t o m a k e m i s t a k e s.
you're s u p p o s e d to make mistakes.