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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you
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Liz Reilly, senior in high school. Section leader of Drumline and lead smare.
I've made amazing friends because of Witty Profiles who I will love and cherish forever.

Quotes by punklove182*

Make sure to kiss your knuckles
before you punch me in the face.



Hey, how you doing?
Well I'm doing just fine. I lied,
I'm dying inside.


I wanna feel passion, I wanna feel pain .
I wanna weep at the sound
of your name


Somebody stole my car radio.
And now I just sit in silence.



I know it's bad, kid.
I got your back, kid.



I miss all my friends.
I feel so lonely.



I thought that we were friends,
guess it just depends
who you ask.


He loves me so,
that funny honey
of mine.


She wears denim
wherever she goes.