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Look at the stars

look how they shine for you
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Liz Reilly, senior in high school. Section leader of Drumline and lead smare.
I've made amazing friends because of Witty Profiles who I will love and cherish forever.

Quotes by punklove182*

I'm a hypocrite.
Hungry hungry hypocrite.






I'll be fine, it's not the first. 
Just like last time but a little worse.



It's just a matter of time
until we're all found out.



I'd hate to wait too long
just to find out I was wrong.



We need a little controversy, 
cause it feels so empty without me.



The world isn't sad! The world's funny,
I get it now! I'm a sociopath!



Cut my life into pieces, 
this is my last resort.



I hate this town,
it's so washed up.



Don't tell me
who I should be.


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